Instant for Business

Tired of paying fees? Want to grow your repeat business?

Fastest checkout experience πŸ’–
Offer the most convenient way to order, pay, and skip the line. Give your repeat customers an enjoyable experience every time.
Customers love Instant 😍
We're growing in 10,000 cities nationwide, building the first ubiquitous ordering experience accepted at thousands of small local businesses.
Award winning apps πŸ’―
Our apps, available on iOS and Android, are always improving with the latest features for the best ordering experience available.
Flat monthly fee πŸ€‘
Starting at $25/mo/location, we offer a straightforward pricing model with no order fees. A 2.5% transaction fee applies.
No licensing fees πŸ“±
Install our apps on as many devices as you need. Access the app from anywhere —
on-the-go or your kitchen tablets.
Flexible contract terms πŸ“…
All businesses aren’t made the same, so we have flexible packages to choose from that best suit your needs.

Give new and existing customers the option to "Order, Pay, & Pickup" at your location from any smartphone. Easily accept pickup orders on your schedule.

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